Saturday, 22 March 2014



What is it like to live in a city? Violence.

What is it like to live in a city? - Eating.

Would you eat on the tube?

And what people think of sneaking photos of women eating-


Arguments about eating-

"Things start to get physical around the two minute mark."

Eating with style~

Away from the whole eating thing, -
Here are some sneaky pictures that people (women) have taken of handsome MEN! Lordy.

Pavement relaxation opportunity.

The Street Couches of L.A.

The Brits Who Built the Modern World

Go from this link to the BBC Programme about- How an exceptional generation of British architects, led by Norman Foster and Richard Rogers, conquered the globe with their high-tech vision.


Film: The latest instalment of the superb 32LDN series is a poetic tribute to skaters

Read the article about it here--

Parallel Systems: Lawrence Alloway and Eduardo Paolozzi

Municipal Dreams

Municipal Dreams- a great blog about efforts to use architecture to improve the lives of regular folk.


Interesting blog about London.

The great tower for London

Catalogue of the 68 competitive designs for the great tower for London =



Victorian occultism and the art of synesthesia

 Explore this esoteric way of perceiving the world about us.

Ruin Lust

Ruin Lust at Tate Britain <

Ruin Lust, an exhibition at Tate Britain from 4 March 2014, offers a guide to the mournful, thrilling, comic and perverse uses of ruins in art from the seventeenth century to the present day.