Saturday, 16 May 2015

LMA visit plus the Guildhall

We went to the London Metropolitan Archives

Where they have some document or picture about everything every bit of London.
This opened up a world of possibilities for research.

                                                 The conservation dept, they use a lot of 
                                  Japanese paper to stick together the crumbling documents.

                                      Maureen shows us the room with all the empty boxes.
                There is a guy at the LMA who makes boxes all day, every day. Of every size.

                                                                     Into the stacks.

 Maureen and Simon showed us a tiny skimming of the 6000+ items that the London Metropolitan Archive holds regarding Camberwell.

This is what the Book-room looked like back when Camberwell was a college of arts and crafts.
It was called the Embroidery Room. So that is what i will be calling it from now on.


Miss Camberwell 1885.

 Postmans Park


                                                          Modern Gothic Cloister.

             The most excellent tour-guide Tim shows us a picture at the Guildhall Art Gallery.

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